Paper published in Intelligent Data Analysis

Feb 2, 2014.

My first accepted paper is now officially published, in a special issue of Intelligent Data Analysis. More info about the paper can be found here.

Starting a new job at MSCI

Nov 20, 2013.

On December 2, I will start a new job at MSCI Inc. in the Budapest office. I will join the Applied Research team. Excited to start there soon!

Passed public defense

Oct 21, 2013.

On Sept 12, 2013, I passed my public defense. Now officially a PhD!

Preliminary defense

May 24, 2013.

Last week I passed my preliminary PhD defense! The public PhD defense is scheduled on Thursday, September 12.

New paper in Decision Support Systems

Apr 19, 2013.

We have a new paper which is accepted for publication in a special issue of Decision Support Systems. Find more info here.

Article published in IEEE TKDE

Apr 16, 2013.

Our article in IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering is now published and available online.

WEB2012 & ICIS2012 in Orlando

Dec 4, 2012.

On December 15, 2012 I will be presenting at the WEB2012 workshop and I will be attending the ICIS conference in Orlando. The preliminary program schedule of WEB2012 is now available.

La Marmotte 2013 & Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclo

Nov 20, 2012.

Next year again La Marmotte on July 6, 2013. Goal is to improve my time from La Marmotte 2012.

Also just subscribed for the Ronde van Vlaanderen Cyclo, taking place on March 30, 2013! The number of participants is limited to 16,000.

Second Doctoral Seminar

Oct 31, 2012.

Today I passed the second doctoral seminar which I presented to my doctoral committee. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

WEB2012 in Orlando

Oct 10, 2012.

We just received the acceptance notification of our paper at the WEB2012 workshop in Orlando. Find more info about the paper here.

Research Visit to Universidad de Santiago, Chile

Sep 10, 2012.

From Sep 14 until Oct 4, I will be visiting Prof. Richard Weber and his research team at the Universidad de Chile. We are working on a profit-based performance measure for credit scoring.

IADIS European Conference on Data Mining 2012 in Lisbon

Jul 20, 2012.

Presenting our joint research with Prof. Richard Weber from Universidad de Chile on the IADIS European Conference on Data Mining 2012 (ECDM'12) in Lisbon. More info on the research here.

La Marmotte 2012

Jul 8, 2012.

Yesterday, I successfully finished la Marmotte! My time (excl. descent of Col du Glandon) of 9h07'24" was good for a silver certificate.

Research Visit Hamburg

Apr 15, 2012.

From Apr 17-20 I will be visiting Dr. Stefan Lessmann from the University of Hamburg. We are working together on profit-based model building for customer churn prediction. More info follows later!

Research Visit Santiago de Chile

Mar 12, 2012.

I am visiting Prof. Richard Weber and his team at the Universidad de Chile from Mar 15-30. We are having a joint research project on profit-based performance measurement for credit scoring models.

Journal articles accepted

Jan 31, 2012.

January 2012 was a fantastic month: four journal articles have been formally accepted for publication. All the info can be found at my list of publications.

WEB2011 workshop (Shanghai)

Dec 1, 2011.

On Dec 4, I will present our paper at WEB2011: The Tenth Workshop on E-Business. Info on the paper can be found here.